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Think about what you'd like to manifest in your life, and use this exercise (Manifesting - Rockets Of Desire) to bring your desires closer to you.

Some years ago, my medium friend channelled this technique for manifesting, and I felt it worthy of sharing.  It is also a free handout in the Wellbeing Techniques section of the Subconscious Ascension website.

Manifesting - Rockets Of Desire:

1. Think about what you’d like to manifest (create) in your life.
2. Say “Thank you for ……. (whatever you wish to manifest)”.
3. Close your eyes and relax.
4. Imagine turning on a torch in the middle of your forehead (third eye), and the light is shining out into the universe.
5. Imagine you are drawing seventeen (17) circles (rocket of desire) in a clockwise direction from your third eye. Your head/eyes generally move when you do this.
6. If you wish to manifest more than one thing, do this exercise for each desire you have (or say them all, then do the 17 circles).

This is a very powerful manifesting technique. The 17 circles create a vortex (rocket of desire) out to the universe.

You MUST NOT mention any other person’s name when using this technique, as it impinges on that other person’s free will (we must be able/free to choose for ourselves what our desires are, and not have somebody else choose them for us).

Keep your manifestations of a simple and general nature, which then allows the universe to provide your desire in the most suitable way (sometimes, things don’t happen the way we expect them to, things may not be as they seem, and we can’t see the bigger picture).

Some ideas for manifestation may include:SA Butterfly ChakraColours
Thank you for sending light to all the darkest places on the planet.
Thank you for all the blessings and miracles being bestowed upon me.
*  Thank you for the amazing opportunities coming into my life now.
*  Thank you for the abundance and prosperity in my life.
*  Thank you for the joy and happiness in my life.
Thank you for my excellent health and wellbeing.
Thank you for sending my most compatible soulmate to me now.
Thank you for my new car (be specific about make/model/etc if you wish).
Thank you for keeping me grounded, balanced, aligned and centred.
Thank you for the pure, fresh, clean water, air and food in the world.
Thank you for the huge credit balance in my bank account (you can mention an amount if you wish).
*  Thank you for our Government officials and world leaders, who support the people morally and ethically, and always make decisions based on what is for the highest and best good of all people.
Thank you for world peace, and co-operation between all nations.
….and anything else – specific to your own personal desires.

Happy Manifesting.

Mandala SA Round

This Blog has been shared by Subconscious Ascension Pty Ltd - Australia  (Trading as: Subconscious Ascension, Energetically Sent and EsotErica).

Disclaimer:  This document is for information purposes only and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness, and should not be considered a substitute for professional advice.

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